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The jewelry and paintings that were born with the story of meme are one of a kind in the world that I could only create at that time.

What remains the same about my jewelry production is not trend or mechanical mass production. I want to aim at creation, where each person works by hand to create with thought and see the face of the wearer! With that in mind, I have been creating around one piece of jewelry and custom-made, and it has been 10 years since.

I think the number of original jewelry creations, including custom ones, is the best in Japan.The jewelry I created has been around 100 years and 200 years after I died, and has been created with the thoughts of being loved one by one until it is called antique. I imagine the jewelry I created after being passed on to the wearer. A story that goes on forever, from my hand to the customer, and then to another person, and even from that person's hand to another person. Owner's life and stories that only meme works know.Therefore, aiming for designs and functions that can survive 100 years later, and repairable jewelry, not trends and disposable mass production.
and i continue to create as Jewelry  seeds of  light with the invisible feeling of love.

meme's creative Jewelry story