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The jewelry that was born with the story of Meme's own life is one of a kind pieces in the world that only I could create at that time.

What remains the same about my jewelry production is not trend or mechanical mass production. I want to aim at creation, where each person works by hand to create with thought and see the face of the wearer! With that in mind, I have been creating around one piece of jewelry and custom-made, and it has been 13 years since.

The number of original jewelry creations, including custom-made items, exceeds 1000 points.We aim to create works that can be called antiques 100 or 200 years after death.
Gorgeous jewelry that can be displayed like a piece of art and that can only be worn by celebrities is very nice, but I love to make jewelry that can be worn by anyone and fits into their daily lives.
The reason why I stick to one-of-a-kind items is that both jewelry and people are once-in-a-lifetime encounters, and each person is attracted to different pieces.
From my hand to the customer, from that hand to another person, from that person's hand to another person, the unique works born from Meme's hand will carry the thoughts and lives of those who wear them forever. I am creating while dreaming that it would be wonderful if it became a part of the following story.

We will continue to create jewelry that is easy to wear, functional, and repairable so that it will remain 100 years later, with the invisible feeling of love.

meme's creative Jewelry story

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