Drop Of Water/2018,6


水はmemeの作品テイストでもあり、そこから生まれる水のシリーズジュエリーDrop Of Waterには、浄化、永遠、循環、潤い、癒し…そして『あなたも唯一無二の大切な存在』…そうした想いが込められています。


Water is indispensable in the world, as more than half of a person's body is made of water.
Water is also the taste of meme's work, and a series of water jewelry, Drop Of Water, is created from it. Purification, eternity, circulation, moisturizing, healing ... and everyone is all important ...

Such thoughts are put.
As a testimony to the love bud, mainly the taste of water, the work is always decorated with drops.

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